Obama’s first guest

Guess who was first to get in the act to meet the President. Not Brown, not Sarkozy or Merkel but our very own TB. Looks like they had breakfast together

While everyone else was scratching their heads Martin Kettle was busy making sense of the annual prayer breakfast at which Blair was the key speaker. It seems to be on the basis that Tony got into a big mess so perhaps there was something to learn somehow. Chameleon is one of the descriptions of Blair with his ability to re-invent himself, alternatively he is a seller of snake oil. So what was on the agenda? Holiness? Sorting out the Middle East? It’s not easy to see what lessons Blair learned from his experience as he still goes around talking terrorism and refusing to say a word about Israel in Gaza just as he failed to utter a squeak about the incursion into the Lebanon when thousands of cluster bombs were laid waiting for unsuspecting children to pick up the fascinating objects. The dead and maimed lying around, as with Blair’s other adventures into Holy wars is outrageous and many are trying o bring him to book for war crimes. So as with Pakistan Obama is continuing in the footsteps of the discredited Bush. He’s starting off showing he’s not so good at selecting out his friends with promises of change already discarded strewn across the floor.

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