Lords becomes a sorting office

Peter, sorry Lord Mandelson. He’s a determined guy. He’s putting a bill in the Lords to part-privatise the Post Office. So once again the unelected chamber is putting one over the commons with plenty of Labour’s elected members hopping, including deputy leader Harriet Harman and the Health Secretary, Alan Johnso9n, former leader of the post office workers’ union.
How is it New Labour can’t do without his lordship? As we know he talked to TB before returning to “join Gordo at the hip”. One of the architects of New Labour he’s like a virus which affected the labour movement. New Labour no longer represents working people who have been conned into thinking that a privatised world will see them alright. Well it’s they who are paying the price. Their pensions are not protected, but bankers’ bonuses must be. For all the sham breast beating tax payers money is being handed out, and if they can’t get bonuses their salaries must be doubled, tripled quadrupled to maintain their lavish lifestyle,

So major business is conducted in the Lords to be put to the Commons, which will then need the Tories to get it through. Seems though that there mat be resistance from even them, who together with Lib Dems could yet scupper it. Meanwhile Peter, sorry My Lord, is scrabbling around offering this and that inducement to buy off the revolt. Does Thatcher come to the house these days? If she doesn’t it must be her ghost.

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