Guatamala’s President in Cuba

The President of Guatamala was in Cuba to see aspects of the technical and scientific developments there. He spoke of the value of the co-operation between the Latin American states which were making significant progress in improving health and education.
The president, Alvaro Colom, “thanked the island for its permanent solidarity with Guatemala and its support in the reconstruction of the Central American country. This support, he highlighted, is visible today in the reduction of the infant and neonatal mortality rates, achievements in education – including the enrollment of 1.4 million children in the school system this year – and the practice of social justice.”

Fidel Castro was praised in the United Nations alongside Julius Nyerere of Tanzania for his solidarity with the poor and oppressed. The speaker, a Nicaraguan Priest, also referred to the role of Cuba in developments in LAtin american countries which were of great benefit to the people.

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