Escapology capitalist style

Not a day goes by without a missing million or two. After Madoff made off more went missing in Iraq, and now it seems Afghanistan where prestidigitation seems to have made money intended for a hospital vanish into thin air. Yesterday’s big story has spilled over. Not only did the money disappear but so did Sir Allen Whatshisname. Tried to use a credit card to pay for an air ticket out of the U.S. Meanwhile back at the ranch(es) – in Antigua, Venezuela and Lords Cricket Ground panic set in with punters queuing for their money.
So much money has gone offshore that the banks say we need to print more. Blimey I thought that was the problem in the first place. We all thought that it was backed up by something tangible like gold reserves, but hey it’s only paper. In Zimbabwe though they can’t get enough paper to print their currency as it devalues exponentially by the day. You need U.S. dollars or Rand to get by, something that most of the population can’t access.

Once more Capitalism has run wildly out of control with meltdown equivalent to a nuclear reactor. The question is begged whether it was ever under control, or even capable of being controlled. Nevertheless governments are prepared to dole out largesse to the foxes and let them back into the hen house to wreak even more havoc – or simply disappear with the loot.
Watch out for the next instalment of the fraudulent misuse of your money and see what ever increasing amounts have been waylaid by the friendly, smiling characters who have ripped you off.
I understand that Barack Obama identified 34 tax havens. Nick Cohen points out in the Observer (22/2/2009) that the majority are related to former British colonies. He points out that V.S. Naipaul has already graphically described the process in which British policy has knowingly allowed places, including some Caribbean islands, to become tax havens. Money laundering is the business and drugs traffickers make much use of the facility, including those currently operating in Mexico. People like Sir Allen are able to make hay. In the real world the guy operated from a small office in my home town of Enfield. He became adept at stage managing some tricks that a theatre producer might envy. Landing in a hired helicopter at Lords Cricket Ground with a hamper of stage money was one – and the English Cricket Board took it in hook, line and sinker. Colonialism is alive but apparently a bit sick now.
As far as tax havens are concerned a major donor to the Conservative party is under investigation to see if the donation is legal. It emerges that the donor uses Belize to conduct his financial affairs.

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