Looks as if Bin Laden has relocated to the mid-Atlantic

Silently lurking in the depths of the Atlantic, silently they stalk. Are they looking for Osama here? Two atomic subs laden with small arms (enough nuclear arsenal for over 1,000 Hiroshimas), one French, one British, collide.
All this going on is supposed to be top secret, but when incidents like this happen then we get to know about how we are being kept safe. Safe from what. Dunno how these arms could be triggered but suppose there had been an explosion, what exactly could have been the consequences? Would Britain have been detached from its anchorage offshore Europe and transported to become another American state?

While we’re on about secrecy some more little bits of information are surfacing. Torture? Of course we Brits wouldn’t dream of it. Well we do – and always have like the best of them – and now it seems that not only did we know about the torture of a British resident in Guantanamo Bay we (MI5 I mean) actually devised a personalised programme it seems.
Secrecy is so useful, as Stella Rimington, former boss of MI5 no less, reckons the terror threat has been used to cower us citizens and as a result the hard-won civil liberties we thought were there for keeps are going fast.
All of this we used to expect from a Tory agenda. The bosses wanted to keep the work force well and truly subservient, so we-went out on the streets to find an alternative. Having gone out on the streets to get Labour elected we find a hi-jack with something called New Labour taking over with policies the Tories would have died for. As we see the progenitors are there intact. Blair left office yes, but acquired considerable residual power with the ability to hold court with the new U.S. President, and to get his mate Mandelson back with a vengeance. They continue to support their mates in Big Business (Peter loves going where the wealthy abide) and bail out those in the financial sector who have caused the mayhem in the banking sector. Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring.

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