An alternative to the law of the jungle that is capitalism now

Latin American countries are moving in a way that provides a not only welcome but necessary alternative to a world dominated by a rapacious unregulated system of self help to the finite resources of our planet.
While a number of countries have elected governments that represent a hitherto excluded majority, mainly indigenous peoples who have previously suffered genocide, the fact that they are democratically elected does not satisfy the dominant world powers. They continue to oppose and undermine them and fail to acknowledge their achievements in erasing illiteracy in many areas and providing high quality health care to many: a health care that those in so-called developed countries are denied as of right.
I don’t propose that any state should be viewed uncritically, but equally their achievements need to be recognised and applauded rather than either ignored or dismissed out of hand. There are those in countries like Bolivia who wish to protect their privileges won at the expense of the subjugation of a dispossessed and oppressed people, previously denied their human rights. It is time for those in the so-called developed world to look at what has been achieved, support the lifting of the yoke from so many and see how an alternative to the unremitting greed to our present system of government can be introduced.

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