The War on Terror a lie? Never!

David Miliband will speak. Hold on to your hats ‘cos he’s going to announce that “the War on Terror” was a mistake. A lie in fact. Well Dave everyone already knew that but no one wanted to expose Emperor Bush’s new clothes.
Anyway Miliband has succeeded in grabbing the headlines for himself. Now it will be interesting to see the linkages around the decision for political leaders to dodge this one so consistently and comprehensively.
First he has been regarded as a Blairite, particularly at the time he was seen as a major contender for Brown’s mantle. So is he at it again putting down his marker? Having regarded so much of his previous utterances as silly or crass I’m not denying that this needed spelling out, not least because of the damage that Bush and his Neo-con deliberately contrived the scam. And Milband’s supposed friend, Middle East Envoy T.B. accepted it all verbatim lying every bit of the way and continuing to do so. Result millions dead, maimed, exiled in its name. So I hate to tell our hero Silly Milly that it’s a lot too little too late.

Yes what Mili will say is correct that the whole thing is counterproductive. Well that’s been evident and repeated ad nauseum by lesser mortals than he. The concept, a very useful one for a politician, is that terror/terrorist can mean what you want it to mean and it can apply to whosoever you want to discredit for whatever reason. Everyone is Al Quaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, every Muslim in America or in Britain. The serious social outcomes are reminiscent of Germany in the thirties when groups – and not only Jewish people – became scapegoats. Too little, too late, the hate die is cast.
As for Gaza there are five more bombing days left before Bush finally leaves office… too little, too late. Over !,000 are already dead….

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