Blair is still hanging around

I think many of us felt uneasy about Peter Mandelson’s resurgence – if that is what it was. He’s been quite active in his devious way while in exile in Europe. However a piece in the Guardian today (13/1/2009) shows how Blair is not very far away. So even why he is making his millions (£14 or 15 last year) he as time to dabble in politics. The poodle has his toy poodle doing what poodles do like peeing on the carpet.
New Labour became New Labour by stealing Thatcherite Toryism. They became better Thatcherites than the Blessed Margaret. Gordon Brown has always been among the group that forged New Labour, but it seemed that there was some distance between him and Blair. However when Brown took over the New Labour leader’s mantle he soon fell foul particular of Blair’s supporters. They wanted someone else and if you remember David Miliband emerged briefly as a potential successor charging off to Georgia in the wake of David Cameron and generally trying to make himself look serious. Sorry David (take you pick which one), didn’t work mate.

Events as we know conspired to help Broon. It’s a ill wind as they say. But internally in side his party he clearly needed added support. Who by Mandy to “join him at the hip” – and with TB’s blessing. So change is no change and on we go with more of the same. The project is to save capitalism again. The system stuffed itself in the Great Crash of 1929 but who emerged to put it right? One of them was Joe Kennedy who knew a thing or two about Wall Street. As an insider he saw that all was not well and got himself out in time. Another who didn’t was our own Winston S. Churchill who it was said lost a fortune. Clearly he too survived and lived to tell the tale.
Roosevelt was to bring Joseph Kennedy back in to help save the system – as somebody observed “the fox was brought into the hen house”. So history repeats itself as Broon battles to save capitalism with more of the same and Tony rubbing his hands as he figures how to make more and more wealth for himself.
The word all these people like to shout out loud is “democracy”, but the story of Joe Kennedy and the shoe shine boy is enough to convince that it is the enemy of those who embrace the capitalist dream. Kennedy reasoned that if the shoe shine boy was buying stock there was no way to go but down. He quickly sold and guess what the whole house came tumbling down.

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