Will he, won’t he? Privatise the Post Office I mean.

Lord Mandelson. First he says he won’t privatise the Post Office but yesterday in the House of Lords he said things can’t go on as they are. It will be split. Oh yes, sounds familiar. The promised cherry picking will take place so that some slick marketing organisations will end up with the cream while we, the tax payer, are left with the unprofitable parts. New Labour has been there and done it. As a Tory in the Commons was left to say “welcome to the Thatcherite wing of New Labour”. Wing? The whole enterprise of which Mandelson was an author is more Thatcherite than Thatcher ever was, Tony a better son than Mark could ever be.

Perhaps it was a good thing that Mandy was speaking in the Lords, for as the Guardian report says, if he had been in the Commons he would have been ripped apart. One MP resigned his post in response to the announcement. Well maybe good for Mandy but not so for the rest of us.
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