Obama sets out his green credentials

With foreign policy looking depressingly like the old in Afghanistan it has not been too easy to discern the long promised changes the world cries out for. Both Observer and Independent on Sunday agree on their leader (21/12/2008) that appointees on climate change issues make it look like a major change from Bush.
The term “green revolution” is used but as we have seen with so much said about becoming eco-friendly to make changes to our life-style is no simple matter. We are on a tread mill which can’t be turned back, and in spite of a totally discredited and dysfunctional economic system the remedies put forward for its solution are largely more of the same.

A Boston Globe article a few years back shows how President George W Bush uses his executive powers in unprecedented ways to overrule decisions made. Clearly Obama is watching what is happening, including the President’s use of his executive power to derail environmental initiatives.

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