Menezes a disgrace from first to last

The ending of the trial relating to the death of Jean Charles de Menezes ended in a way that did nothing to mitigate the appalling circumstances of his death at Stockwell tube station. Th jury did all they could with the options left to them recording an open verdict. They rejected “lawful killing” as the outcome and unable to determine this was an unlawful killing by direction of the judge chose the only option available to them that didn’t vindicate the action of the Metropolitan Police.
The de Menezes family who were present tried to make their feelings known but officialdom failed to recognise them and their feelings of revulsion – which I think are widely shared – and denied them access. This all adds to the idea that the legal system is alien and remote from the people it is supposed to represent and protect from injustice.

Shoot first ask questions afterwards was my response when the news of the killing first broke cover. It didn’t take long for those questions to start coming and they haven’t stopped. When the family was interviewed much was made of the fact that those responsible for the shooting would live with it for the rest of their lives. The family were not impressed. Their loss of their blameless son will not be forgotten by them either with all the enduring pain.

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