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The First US Black President?

Questions have been raised over some time now about the ancestry of several former presidents of the United States, none more so than Eisenhower with pictures circulating of a grandmother who was black. Certainly his mother looks to have African ancestry but it was a matter never discussed when Ike held office. It’s clear times have changed whether Barack Obama wins or loses the presidential race.
The situation is surely similar to that in Egypt where many pharaohs were either African or partly so. Herodotus claims that a number were and it is quite wrong to assume that the pharaohs of the 25th Dynasty were the first:
“After this man the priests enumerated to me from a papyrus roll the names of other kings, three hundred and thirty in number; and in all these generations of men eighteen were Ethiopians, one was a woman, a native Egyptian…”Herodotus Histories: Egypt.
Carved stone heads of the very first Egyptian pharaohs appear to be black African.

What Obama can do – and what he can’t

I found this story in the Guardian food for thought. It’s one black American considering what’s in store for his new born son. Chances of young black people ending up in prison or being shot remain significantly higher than for white people.
While his initial thoughts were that if Obama gains power it would give a message that the sky was the limit for his son. However what was the likelihood that the situation would be turned round for the many?
In the UK the prospect of a black Prime Minister remains remote. Black MPs report the daily round of racism. Here too young black people have a much higher risk of ending up in prison or suffering from mental health problems. A conference in London marked ten years since the David “Rocky” Bennett report – a name that goes alongside Stephen Lawrence. Have lessons been learned? Well reports are legion saying the same thing but in practice statistics indicate the situation remains stubbornly fixed.

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