“Comrade Sarkozy”

Reading Fidel Castro’s reflections often brings a smile to my face. They have interest because they come from someone with first hand knowledge of world affairs, and often draw out interesting observations. He notes that Carlos Chavez refers to “Comrade Sarkozy”. This wasn’t a malicious jibe but more in recognition of Sarkozy’s outspoken views on the current world economic crisis. Fidel comments that if such sentiments had come from a country like Cuba the world’s press would have given a rather different reaction.
Chavez likened attempts to renew the capitalist world as like trying to refloat the Titanic as it lay on the ocean bed before commenting on Sarkozy’s speech which was made in Beijing in his capacity as President of the European Union.

Two more reflections are worthy of note. The first is Fidel’s take on the economic crisis and the reactions of various leaders (some humour here), and then the impending US election on 4th November. I notice he was anxious not to publish his comments early so that he could observe neutrality in the process.

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