When is a bank a bank?

Santandar might have saved B & B but who will save it? But is a bank a bank. Here we learn that they are getting rid of a business leasing railway carriages to train companies. For goodness sake. No wonder we can’t afford to travel on public transport because everyone’s got their hand in the till.
Anyway it’s not gloomy everywhere as BP notches up record profits of 148% on everyone else’s misfortune.

My Father had his own business. He manufactured and sold Rotaped Tracks and Muledozers which fitted onto tractors. Distillers, who I know of as Whisky traders, came along and took over the company. They put an accountant in charge who knew nothing about this product. His interest was in money. The product became second. So no wonder we have dropped from around 80% manufacturing to 20% with service industries the other way round.

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