To merge or not to merge

Looks as if Lloyds TSB and HBOS are going ahead with their merger. Looks like there are precious few HBOS executives to remain. Their former chief already walked off amidst a storm of controversy over remarks he made and an apparent refusal to give any sign of regret let alone an apology. If this lot go it could cost £7 million. Who pays for that. Us again I suppose. One has already waived a pay off (under pressure I think) but the system continues to favour the others. The rules were written by those so win or lose they could never lose out, or so it seems.
Meanwhile Barclays has found another option to being bailed out by this government. Middle Eastern royal families in Abu Dhabi and Qatar will own about a third of their shares. Is this what we need in the world driven by individual whims of a few who show little interest in human rights at home or abroad. The solution deepens the hole. More of the same ad infinitum.

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