This is Iraq. Under Saddam? No this is “democracy” today

The independent shows what is going on in the “democracy” gifted to the Iraqi people by the beneficence of George W. Bush. The barbarism attributed to Saddam Hussain is here with botched executions a regular feature dispensed by the democratically elected regime.
There are descriptions of how those charged summarily of insurgency are pushed off a bench with a noose around their neck. The drop is insufficient so they land on the floor. If it continually fails then the victim is taken over to a corner and shot in the head.
Is US barbarous? Is UK? Supposedly civilised nations continually turn a blind eye to horrific acts here and everywhere. Mugabe is condemned for the reported murders, mutilations and torture in Zimbabwe, so here we have breath taking double standards at work.

The much requested withdrawal of US and other troops from Iraq will leave a country not only disfigured beyond recognition with death, injury and the loss of the heritage that developed over millennia, it will have a murderous, corrupt government. That government is the one agreeable to selling off precious assets to the US and co.
The supposedly triumphant insurgency has left its legacy. Health improvements? Cholera is up because supplies of clean drinking water has become scarce.

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