The NATO Nightmare

NATO is embroiled in Afghanistan fighting a war that, according to some closest to the combat, it can’t win. Is NATO a force for good or evil? It seems as if it civilians who are taking the brunt of the conflict, yet unlike Iraq there is no talk of pulling out, only of sending more lambs to the slaughter.
NATO came into being following the World War II in the context of a divided world and a “cold” war. Since that has ended why NATO? It appears to have become a political tool, but while it is portrayed as a “peace keeping” organisation this is in reality highly questionable. While some are demanding an increase in troops in Afghanistan others are saying that this conflict is going nowhere while death and destruction are the main outcome. For what?
It is now above all a tool for spreading US domination putting into action the highly discredited foreign policy that Bush managed to sell to some European leaders. So conflict in places like Georgia or Serbia is more rather than less likely.

In this nightmare world the warmongers are included as recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. One such is Martii Ahtisaari a former president of Finland, an advocate of carpet-bombing in the Balkans and enthusiastic supporter of the war in Iraq.

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