New Labour resurfaces

The idea that the New Labour dream was at an end came rather too soon it seems. One of the chief promoters of the idea is back in town following an assignment in Europe where he was sent to keep out of trouble, and, it was thought, would do less harm.
Peter Mandelson is back in government and once more we have to endure that smirking self-satisfied image on our front pages. It is too much. While in Europe his doings were questioned by some . Clearly he fell foul of Nicolas Sarkozy who blamed him personally for a “no” vote in Ireland on Europe.
Even more intriguing, did he have anything at all to do with the Smelly and Scratcher affair. Several names were mentioned. Surely not Peter, but who knows?

Now as he emerges through the fog and gloom of exile we will keep a watchful eye on this moderniser, the one who promoted the New Labour that amplified and intensified Thatcherite dreams, the destruction of any vestiges of socialism and the lionisation of the free markets which will provide our most basic needs in future. The fact we can’t now afford even the basic services as they become privatised and profit is the key. This mantra of un remitting greed has brought the house down, and now they bring in the demolition team to put it back together.

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