More light on Guantanamo Bay

In the dying embers of the Bush administration as the world’s media is tied up with economic meltdown laced with countless trivia the Independent finds time to report on how, after 6 long years, 6 Bosnians held without trial have had all charges dropped. No evidence has been brought forward.
So once again the civilised world has demonstrated how very superior it is to the rest that can be bombed, raped pillaged and incarcerated at the will of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.
In a just world all will be tried for war crimes, but even with the prospect of a change of government, party and president crying change the prospect is beyond remote.

While we move on from Iraq to focus on Afghanistan with quick trips into Pakistan and Syria Bosnia, like those who have endured whatever was thrown at them at Guantanamo Bay, has been long forgotten.
How does it happen? As we see elsewhere those charged with coming up with solutions have bigger fish to fry. Lecturing on what you have or haven’t done, like Blair, or ensuring the armaments industry’s shares remain strong like Cheney is number one priority. The credit crunch mat be devouring the rest of us but that’s millions of miles away from the priorities or interests of democratically elected leaders past and present.

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