I am struggling to understand this

Iran, it is claimed, is hell bent on creating atomic weaponry. Israel are straining at the leash to bomb Iran. We understand Bush is not encouraging this at the moment having given the impetus and means to the Israeli government to do just that. There have been exercises mounted in preparation according to press reports.
Why though is Iran’s possession of such weapons of mass destruction any more unacceptable than Israel’s. This begs the question of such an arsenal being held by anybody. It’s just the hint of hypocrisy which abounds, particularly around the Middle East. Iraq has been virtually destroyed on an argument which turned out to be a lie that it had weapons of mass destruction.

In another Haaretz article there is a piece about the present director of Mossad, Meir Dagan, named “man of the year”. The writer wonders if it would have been more appropriate for him to be assigned “killer of the year”, given his credentials, and wonders why such attributes should be so widely praised in Israel today.
“Commentators from the most popular and influential media outlet in the country announced their decision after holding a shallow and absurd discussion. ‘[He is] a man who has done only good,’ political analyst Emmanuel Rosen said of the selection, speaking on behalf of judging panel. Who is this rare and illustrious person who did so much good? Mossad chief Meir Dagan. An excited Rosen added: ‘[He is] a man who would cut the throats of terrorists with his own hands, using a box-cutter – a man of action with a knife in his teeth.’ ”
Should we sleep easily in our beds knowing that such people are abroad with massive power in their hands, unrestrained by super powers. If it’s OK with Bush then no one else will gainsay it. Israel showed itself capable of going into the Lebanon causing mass destruction, and one of the heros is, yes how did you guess, Mr Meir Dagan.

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