Maintaining dignity as markets crash around you

Cuba’s response to the U.S. offer of help in assessing damage done by two storms was firm but polite. What a marked contrast to the unprincipled dealings going on in the US as the administration takes over substantial ownership of insurance giant AIG.
My friend was wearing a Man United t-shirt emblazoned with this sponsor’s initials. We wondered if he was up-to-date, or whether he really existed under this banner!
In UK we’re now seeing how it’s all being done, the Independent printing articles with explicit details. What it describes is worse than hard porn, yet dealing with hedge funds remains a legal sport which if not responsible certainly helped HBOS on its way down as it had Northern Rock. Individuals not only make their millions, billions – now trillions are mentioned while the ordinary citizen – nay consumer in modern parlance – contributes to their limitless desires. A deal was done between Lloyds-TSB and HBOS at a party in one of the most luxurious town houses around, we are told.

The latest news is that banks around the world are pumping money like flood water to stabilise the economy. Job done, governments have assisted the needy bosses who turned rock into sand and others who need the extra million or two to keep going.
Sustainable living, is this it? We are facing crisis upon crisis. Certainly extra fuel and food costs don’t add up to the starvation faced by millions worldwide for most, but there will be many who are hit hard and the most vulnerable will be at considerable risk surviving the winter. Who is the government supporting? Indeed what are the links between the speculators and those who hold political power? Their interests lie demonstrably with the top not the bottom.
So back in Cuba they are struggling but keep their dignity. Although in difficulties themselves their doctors continue to work in neighbouring Haiti and other parts of the area affceted even more drastically than themselves. It’s very refreshing to see a difference in priorities exists and is at work.

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