Letter to the Wall Street Journal from the Ambassador for Equador

Equador has just had a referendum with around 70% supporting a socialist-leaning administration. (see report from Granma below), Frustrated by Wall Street Journal jibes about the country Equador’s Ambassador to the US has written to the Wall Street Journal. The offensive term used was “Banana Republic”.
At such a time seems to me that Wall Street needs to review its attitude just as services to the World Economy are in need of a makeover.

The “Yes” vote wins with 70% in Ecuador
• according to exit polls

The “Yes” vote wins with 70% in EcuadorQUITO.– Some 70% of Ecuadorians have voted in favor of the new Constitution drafted by the Constituent Assembly, according to exit polls by the Cedatos company, announced prior to official information, reported EFE.
“According to exit poll results announced on the Ecuavisa television channel, just 25% of the ballots registered a “No” vote, while 4% were spoiled and 1% left blank.
President Rafael Correa confirmed that there was a “historic triumph” in terms of last Sunday’s referendum to establish a new constitution with a socialist bias which, according to the exit polls, had been approved by a wide majority.
“A new victory thanks to God and thanks to the Ecuadorian people,” said the president, who claimed the referendum had been a victory, even in the city of Guayaquil, Reuters reports.”

Translated by Granma International

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