Williams and Sentamu speak out

Even if belatedly it’s good to see those entrusted with higher office in the land speak out on the unspeakable. So both Canterbury and York Archbishops have waded into the fray on the practices which have hastened our economies into the inevitable crisis of free markets and unregulated profiteering. Both men are known for their personal beliefs, but all to rarely does it come through in the headlines. John Sentamu was well known to us in Birmingham and is full of surprises. I didn’t realise that he had allowed himself to be blindfolded and taken to an unknown destination to meet with the armed gangs who frequent our streets. He dropped by parachute for a cause dear to his heart, and his ordination as Archbishop of York displayed his continuing attachment to Africa. We have come to understand he will say it like it is.
The church’s power has been curtailed long since and like the monarchy appeals to our conservatism. We can’t do without the comforts of something familiar as a child is attached to it’s teddy bear. It’s not something for the grown up world or economics and politics. Dare speak out and the vicars are told to shut up and attend to religion.

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