Brown between a rock and a hard place

I’m glad someone has at last said something about what is happening in New Labour, and particularly “smug” and “arrogant” Miliband prancing around. A Union leader has made the point that we might as well go for Cameron when his and Miliband’s policies are not dissimilar. I have to say that when both went to Georgia it was not possible to split the duo. Nasty Russians, welcome to NATO etc. Bit naive though. Do they remember what the cold war was like?
Evidently some of the expletives had to be deleted, but nevertheless it was felt strongly that the sentiments should stand. The message is that a return to Blairism isn’t what is wanted, and that is directed at Charles Clarke too.

Brown is between a rock and a hard place since blame is focussed on him from both directions. The Blairites say he torpedoed important Blair reforms, the other side think that he himself has adopted Blair’s policies after he promised to move away from that.

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