Who owns Africa?

Anyone but Africans it seems as the diamond industry demonstrates internal competition from everywhere else. So the Israeli-Arab conflict emerges between Jewish and Lebanese tycoons, both extracting huge amounts of wealth from the African soil. Deadly enemies united in capitalist enterprise.
As I’ve discussed before it seems that nowhere is the diamond trade clean. Canada for example made claims that it’s diamonds were not “blood diamonds”. Closer examination of operations shows that land on which diamonds are mined belongs to the Inuit who themselves benefit little while their land is despoiled. Familiar.
Back in Africa “The most prominent Israeli businessman in the region is diamond tycoon Beny Steinmetz, who is worth an estimated $3 billion. Steinmetz operates through foreign companies in Sierra Leone, Botswana, the Congo and Zambia. He owns the largest diamond mine in Sierra Leone – Koidu, which produces an estimated $20-30 million worth of diamonds annually.”

Beny it appears is also very active in the business in Russia.

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