The murder of Palestinian children

The Israeli state can do what it likes. Having killed a 9 year old another young man was shot in the head by the occupying forces. What are the crimes of the Palestinians involved? They are protesting at the illegal land grab.
Who speaks out? Not Bush, not Brown, nor Obama. No British politician (well actually some do bu they are ignored by the media). Who is the terrorist in these cases? Bush was successful in defining who “the terrorist” is. Blair bought it and the media was complicit. Have the people agreed? Far from it, many are outraged, but the elected representatives of our so-called democracies have other masters. The powerful, the owners of our fuel and food supplies, can dictate the terms. The rules are those who can take what they want and it is given legitimacy by democratic governments. What moral authority have they then over not-so-democratic regimes? Nowhere is the idea that you can take someone else’s land with impunity than in thee Palestinian territories. Oh yes there have been murmers from Bush, from Rice and Brown. Clearly the Israeli Government is impressed by totally ignoring them, their own laws. They are using live amunition on defenceless people, including children.

As with other issues – privatisation of public services, support for the rich and powerful, there are no alternatives. No major party in the UK will say differently. Democrats and Republicans look decidedly similar.
Meanwhile the murders continue apace. No one is prosecuted, no one says “stop”. These are peaceful protests which don’t grab media attention, yet the courageous people continue week in week out. It is a deep, deep shame on a society which believes itself to be civilised.

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