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The question was raised about “us taking our eye” off the ball when Russia became involved in Georgia. This implies a given that U.S. and “we” are one. The other question to be asked haven’t we taken our eye off what the U.S. is up to in other parts of the world outside the Middle East and Afghanisan? In the Guardian (16/8/2008) the Turkish President makes interesting comment.
At a conference I attended in December ’07 speaker after speaker commented on U.S. bases in their countries, some of which border on Russia. Unsurprisingly Russia isn’t any more keen on having bases in her “backyard” any more than America. So why the feigned surprise when Russia takes action in Georgia and tells Poland that if they are considering US bases there they will become nuclear targets too?

The U.S. and western nations have been highly provocative in their plans to extend NATO around Russia’s borders, even into the former empire. Bush continues under the guise of “aid” to Georgia.
The U.S.’s dangerous games are not confined to threats against Iran, far from it. Everywhere you look it’s the same.

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