Making a killing – in and out of the NHS

NICE has made a ruling that some drugs are too expensive, so some patients are expendable. Big business is making a killing by overpricing pharmaceutical products to maximise profits. The issue is raised in the Observer lead today, 17/8/2008.
An awful lot of spam that arrives in my mail and on this website are people pushing some kind of drug, I guess most of which is totally unnecessary if not outright harmful to our wellbeing. The question of whether prescribed drugs are always the best forms of treatment has also come under scrutiny. This is particularly the case in the treatment of depression where talking therapies can be equally valuable at least.

So our health is market driven, and those with their hands on the drugs industries, legal or illegal (what’s the difference?) can hold us to ransom over the price of the products they peddle.
The pharmaceutical industry in Cuba provides an alternative vision of an industry which is innovative but provides products at a lower cost. Another example of the need for a change in priorities from profit to human need.

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