How cheap is cheap labour?

Interesting how the super rich depend on getting their labour at rock bottom prices. On Long Island the wealthy inhabitants, including a number of “celebrities” are finding themselves short of servants. A clamp down on illegal migrants has meant that many have been deported leaving their wives and children. already poor, in desperation.
It happens in former British, and no doubt other, colonies where not immigrants, but local people will sell their labour very cheaply. To them the payment is a matter of life and death.
What is happening on Long Island brings into sharp relief the hypocrisy of western governments tied to capitalist economies. Illegal migrant labour in fact provides a necessary function for the economy. The exploitation and misery which exists in this underworld surfaces from time to time and includes slavery, child labour and a huge sex industry. Whether the deportation of servants working for the super rich touches these pressing problems remains in doubt.

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