Castro writes

Fidel Castro is still active and continues to write regularly in Granma. His memory is triggered by day to day events, commemorating those like Allende who had resisted U.S. dominance in the region, but also remembering those who had chosen a different path. In doing so he describes his own involvement. This he does in a rather matter-of-fact way. There’s no self aggrandisement but it comes across as valuable eye-witness accounts of an interesting period in history of ongoing struggle.
In this article he remembers Trujillo who gave support to Batista after he left Cuba after the 1959 Revolution which celebrates its 50th anniversary during the coming year. The article is also reveals the humanitarian (this was a term I heard on several occasions when I was in Cuba used when referring to Fidel) aspects of what could have become an authoritarian and oppressive regime. Cuban exiles returned later in 1959 to stage a counter revolution. The main protagonists might well have been imprisoned, tortured, executed. They were instead free and allowed to go to the U.S. where to this day they continue to work with the government to undermine the Cuban revolution.

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