Soldier you’re no longer needed

A report in the U.S. claims that soldiers are being deliberately misdiagnosed as having a pre-existing mental illness, or are guilty of misconduct to prevent payouts for post-traumatic stress disorder. This condition has routinely been overlooked going back to World War I when soldiers were shot for desertion when they were suffering from an experience no human being should have to deal with.
Today PSD has been recognised to the extent that disgraced troops have received posthumous pardons, yet governments are continuing to duck the issue and pretend it doesn’t happen. Mush is made in the rhetoric of top politicians about the bravery and heroism of those who lose their lives. If you survive it appears a raher different story.

Of course our young people should not have been sent into pointless and illegal wars in the first place. When they are there short cuts are made on providing protection and equipment. The mothballed Chinook helicopters which have ended up costing the British government huge sums are a case in point.

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