Singing like a canary

Smelly is now on trial and has begun to sing out putting his old mates, like Scratcher into deep, deep doo-doo. What a surprise. Did we ever think that Scratcher was an innocent bystander contributing to the air ambulance service? Smelly’s saying that it was all a terrible mistake and how glad he is that the plot didn’t succeed. grovel, grovel.
It seems his mates could well be in trouble. Scratcher is living it up in Spain, (or more possible keeping a low profile – a Russian team were sent to kidnap him if this article can be believed) having been moved on from the U.S. and South Africa where other scams led to him dodging prosecution.
Update on Scratcher.

The whole episode demonstrates the kind of contempt that persist for sovereign African nations with a belief that the place is ripe for exploitation regardless of those who already live there. The problem for the long suffering Zimbabweans is that they are caught in a double bind. The kind of society which has been set up in Castro’s Cuba could and should have come into being under Mugabe. Mugabe has chosen to live a privileged life-style handing out largesse to a few chosen people. The Europeans who have stayed still hark back to a golden age when Smith ruled. Yes there was a strong economy, but as the rest of world knew and recognised the basis of that rule was unsustainable. Smith’s regime perpetuated myths about the African past denying evidence staring them in the face. (I saw some of this for myself in 2006). It took Peter Garlake, a European historian, to present the facts behind Great Zimbabwe and the African heritage. The huge tragedy is that Mugabe as custodian of these treasures should be putting all this into disrepute and allowing the old guard a smug satisfaction which is totally unjustified.

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