Road map to where?

There is supposed to be a road map to peace in the Middle East so that Palestinians can live peacefully alongside Israeli citizens. The problem is there is a dangerous and voluble group who want a “road map to Armageddon” rather than to achieve peace. These are Stephen Sizer‘s words when he delivered a talk to the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign in Birmingham on Saturday (7/6/2008).
The power of the lobby in support of Israel was shown when both presidential candidates addressed the American-Israeli group AIPAC affirming support for Israel while not mentioning Palestinians and their inhumane treatment at the hands of the Israeli government. Jewish Voice for Peace has spoken out about this and is sending a petition to McCain and Obama to point out that the peace process doesn’t start where they are beginning.
The Christian Zionists have had much to say and have friends in (very) high places. American foreign policy has been predicated on their message, and now they want to move on th attack Iran using their pseudo-religious arguments to justify it. It has worked before, and if people don’t wise up it will happen again judging by the fact that Obama has to go along with the plot (despite the fact that some are trying to discredit him with the label “Anti-Christ”. The Christian Zionists look to me as the most appropriate candidates for that role themselves!)

McCain had to make a quick withdrawal from his associations with a Christian Zionist televangelist rather hastily when the latter announced that Hitler had been placed there by God to ensure the Jewish people had a homeland in Palestine.
Muslims are attacked for promoting an idea that martyrs will be blessed in the hereafter, yet the concept of Armageddon seems to have much in common. It appears to go far beyond that concept in that it justifies the deaths of many because of the glory they believe will follow, so sacrifice in Iraq, Iran is of high merit. Needless to say it is a highly dangerous doctrine and a tremendous threat to world peace.
Note someone recently posted a comment on the Wikipaedia under the entry for “anti-Christ” naming Barack Hussain Obama using some obscure numbers for justification. This has now been removed.

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