Our condolences, but now here are some more for slaughter

Four more British troops have died in Afghanistan (Afghanis not counted), including the first woman soldier. This comes days after five other bodies were flown back to the UK, Gordon Brown wined and dined George W. Bush on his farewell tour and Des Browne announced that more young people were being sent into harm’s way.

George didn’t come to say “goodbye” at all. He came to get support for more of the same in Afghanistan, Iraq and then onto Iran. On this mission against “terrorism” – the kind of term politicians love to use when it can mean what you want it to – he and his mate Gordon are adding fuel to the flames. It is easy to replace “terrorism” with “Islam”. Anyone killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine (never mind many are Christian) will lead to outrage any many more signing up to the cause they claim to be fighting. It’s like trying to cut off the head of the hydra. It’s costing us millions to do the impossible never mind the incalculable human price.

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