Obama is the nominee for Democrats

Barack Obama secured nomination as presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Both he and Hillary Clinton spoke in recognition of each others achievement during a long and grueling campaign. Hopefully the earlier spiteful combats have not done lasting damage to the Democrats given that a McCain victory would look like a Bush third term. Need to get off the planet now!
In 2006 I was teaching a group of young people. They were out of school for one reason or another. At this time Obama came to our attention in an article in the Washington Post. I got hold of a copy of his first book and we talked about him. At that time it appeared a long shot for him to get anywhere near the presidency. The subject matter proved to be of deep interest to the class.

American politics range between right and far right, so what can be expected. He was always opposed to the Iraq war so we can hope that if elected he will begin to close this chapter down and not get involved with any more high adventures of this nature. He talks of maintaining the sanctions against Cuba and appears supportive of Israel. What would he do about achieving peace and justice for citizens of both Israel and Palestine?
Obama’s African roots.

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