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Two comments concerning responses to the question whether Mugabe is legitimate leader of Zimbabwe today. Both are quoted in Al Jazeera (30/6/2008)
“If media controllers had any courage, the headlines today would read: ILLEGITIMATE & INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL U.S. (P)RESIDENT DECLARES ZIMBABWE ELECTION ILLEGITIMATE. What nerve! Imagine a gang-banging thug sitting in judgment of ANYONE. Now, I readily admit that some people criticizing the Zimbabwe election are sincere in their convictions. George the Bush, Condo-Sleazeball & Gordon Brown are, BY VIRTUE of the illegitimate crimes they have committed, together with all they don’t see as illegitimate, are not: war of aggression against four countries that never did a thing to them, stealing elections, crossing any and everyone’s borders & sovereignty to kidnap MOSTLY innocent people, torturing them – many to death, depriving them of ANY human rights, including habeas corpus, imprisoning them INDEFINITELY. Not a single country in the world other than Israel stoops THAT low.”
Nelson Rappaport, Stockholm, Sweden
Added: Monday, 30 June 2008, 09:43 AM Mecca time, 06:43 AM GMT
“I think Mugabe’s election was every bit as legitimate as George W. Bush’s elections and less harm may be done.”
Puck, Seattle, United States

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