Increased consumerism won’t, can’t solve the world’s food crisis

A belief in the sanctity of market forces continues to lead to misery for countless numbers of people as costs and availability of essentials spiral. These woes are graphically drawn in today’s Washington Post (7/6/2008). If wealthy consumers in the US are having a tough time then what about those without economic clout? One things for sure, the very engine for creating the problem is geared up to exacerbate the situation. It’s in a hole and won’t, can’t stop digging.
In UK banks have come to grief through nonsensical acts by their managers. Government bails them out with the result that the very idiots responsible for huge failures are walking away with the money, our money. Son of Thatcher (not poor, pathetic Mark (aka Scratcher) who continues his comfortable life style while his mate is in the rather less opulent surroundings of a notorious African jail), Tony B. and his New Labour cronies have given succour to the continually discredited system. Neither Gordon Brown or anyone else is going to muddle their way out of the mess. Look as they might for an alternative to G.B. ain’t going to work. Baby face Milliband? Forget it.

What’s so frightening from the Washington Post article is Israel’s reaction which is to attack Iran. What we are going to expect is more of the same. Would oil prices be what they are now if Iraq had not been attacked? The big worry is what happened at the AIPAC conference when both candidates McCain and Obama pledged unconditional support and a blank cheque to Israel. The US-based Jewish Voice for Peace is alarmed and invites us to sign a petition to be sent to both of them. If I were you I’d sign it now. I certainly have!
When Obama is accused of lack of experience bringing about naivety this demonstrates why. Clearly candidates have to appeal to reactionary interest groups in the US whether Jewish, Cuban or whoever, but Obama didn’t know when to draw the line when he promised an undivided Jerusalem. Not even Bush has done that!

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