Cuban medical aid to China’s earthquake victims

While US Cuban sources try to rubbish Cuba’s achievements in health, the following suggests that those achievements are real and benefiting many from poor regions across the world. Although not a Muslim country Cuba is included in Bush’s “axis of evil” category, a clear case of “mote and beam”!
While we were visiting the Santa Clara region of Cuba in May this year we were given a comprehensive overview of Cuba’s health provision at home and abroad, and as far as we can see it stands up to close scrutiny, something Bush’s claims about WMD etc. manifestly don’t!
Fidel sends message to Hospital No. 1
in Chengdu

CHENGDU, China, May 27 (PL). — “Cuban leader Fidel Castro sent a message today to Hospital No. 1 in Chengdu, in Sichuan province, to tell staff there that they could count on the island’s medical brigade for as long as necessary.
Doctor José Rodríguez, head of the brigade, transmitted that message during a meeting with the hospital’s director, Doctor Li Yuan Feng.
Fidel also assured the hospital authorities that Cuba has well-trained medical personnel, who are desirous of supporting their brothers and sisters in China in the Chengdu region if the Chinese government finds that useful.
Dr. Rodriguez, who is leading the group of 35 doctors and paramedics that arrived on May 23 in China, thanked Dr. Li for the warm welcome and attention given to the Cuban personnel.
The hospital where the Cuban internationalists are working is the largest in this province of 90 million inhabitants, and is considered to be among the 30 best in the country.
Rodríguez also expressed the brigade’s willingness to remain in China to help attend to victims of the recent earthquake for as long as necessary, and to work wherever and under whatever conditions to help the Chinese people.
Dr. Li thanked Cuba and its leadership for the aid provided during this difficult situation caused by the earthquake, and said he would pass on Fidel Castro’s message to top authorities. Dr. Li also commented on the excellent relations between the two countries and their strong historical ties, which have been expressed particularly during difficult times.
Dr. Li recalled that during his visit to the hospital last Saturday, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao spoke for all Chinese people in thanking Cuba, and especially charged Dr. Li with taking care of the brigade members.”

Translated by Granma International

In 2005 Bush turned down offers of aid from Cuba following the devastation of New Orleans by hurricane Katrina, while his own efforts at helping were severely criticised as being too little too late. It was the poor who took the brunt of the catastrophe.

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