Archaeology enters politics

Archaeological digs in East Jerusalem are acquiring a new significance. They are being used as part of the land grab operation by settlers. Unbelievably remains of Muslims have gone missing or have been mishandled by the so-called archaeologists.
The operation is being covered up by the use of jargon and academics are keeping quiet about what’s going on. More.

“The struggle for Silwan, an extremely poor Palestinian village in East Jerusalem, is a small microcosm of all the ways the occupation is perpetrated: the tag team of settlers and the state, the passive acquiescence of academics, the use of language to obscure reality, and the long term strategy being used to enlarge Jewish territory, backed by foreign money. It is also an inspiring example of a coalition of Palestinian and Israel activists and scholars who are working to save the village– against very high odds.” Source: Jewish Peace News 16/4/2008

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