New Labour has gone further right than Thatcher

Was it ever possible to hold on to New Labour? It’s leaders and officials have sold out in every direction as far as socialism is concerned and support right wing causes in other countries struggling against poverty and injustice. George Monbiot in today’s Guardian (20/5/2008) provides a list of statistics to show why New Labour should never be supported by any on the left of British politics.
Visiting Cuba provided a refreshing view about the achievement of a cohesive society. No it isn’t perfect and Cubans will be the first to admit that is so. As far as we could see ordinary people supported the continuing revolution. While Cuba cannot claim to be a rich country its people appear well fed and healthy. There have been dramatic falls in serious illnesses and there is an effective vaccination programme in place. A series of posters thank three people they say have helped them start, continue and consolidate their revolution: Battista, Reagan and George W. Bush. “Thank you cretin” they say to all three. People who spoke about Castro referred to his humanity. In the years after the collapse of the Soviet bloc Cuba was hungry and Fidel’s leadership helped bring them through. Today a continuing and intensifying blockade by the U.S. inflicts damage, but this does not stop the Cubans providing people with good eduction and health systems. As far as health is concerned Cuba is able to assist other countries with health care programmes which in turn brings the country support.

Five Cubans are languishing in US jails. For what? They uncovered a plotters who aimed at attacking Cuba and who held a supply of arms and explosives illegally. Rather than punish those people the Cubans were arrested and given heavy sentences whereas the gangsters have got away with extremely light terms of imprisonment and will be free to carry on their dangerous mission.

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