Carter keeps trying

Former US President Jimmy Carter seems a lone voice in his efforts to secure peace for Israel based on talks which include Hamas. Carter phoned Condoleeza Rice but, since she was on tour, a member of her staff took the call. No one tried to dissuade Carter from his mission or suggest he did things differently. The world looks a different place in front page media hype and what is happening in the background and largely unreported. Alternative sources such as Al Jazeera, and here Haaretz provide some alternative views.
The article points out that none of the presidential hopefuls can afford to get embroiled. Why is demonstrated by the wild attempts, notably by a journalist at the LA Times, who has tried repeatedly to wrong foot Barack Obama. Obama attended a lecture by the late Edward Said, co-founder of the East-West Divan Orchestra with Daniel Baremboim. The “American Conservative” is subjecting Obama to the “Israel test”. The article goes back to illustrate what happened to JFK when the pro-Israel lobby intervened.

Other reports about what’s going on in Israel include an article on the psychological torture, which appears to be replacing physical torture following criticism of Israel’s jails full up with Palestinian political prisoners. The situation in Gaza seems to be facing media blackout as well as the actuality faced by Gazans as fuel supplies dwindle along with food. The world is well aware of what the Israeli government continues to do not only in Gaza, where they claim justification from rocket attacks, but across the West Bank. How religion serves to cover evil acts is well demonstrated here. Very many Israelis rally to support the Palestinians against the barbarity of their government under the Zionist cloak. A journalist was one of those injured when he supported the villagers of Bil’in in their weekly demonstration against the imprisoning wall. He was hit in the leg by a rubber-coated steel bullet. (The potentially lethal effects of these was well demonstrated in Northern Ireland).
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