Why don’t you do something and become a volunteer?

Our former great leader goes from strength to strength. The man who told people that volunteering would be good for their souls gathers lucrative offers from all quarters. Many of those he would like to do this work in deprived areas and happen to be on very low incomes. Blair’s “expertise” appears to have no bounds as does his religiosity. Now he has been offered a lectureship at Yale University on religion and politics. When most of us would rather forget him he keeps popping up in the most unlikely places.
While in the U.S. he took the opportunity to call in on his mate George who shares a religious conviction. I suppose if the two of them together instruct us “how not to do it” it all might have some credibility. In UK Blair presided over the use of the Sabbath for trade, casinos and non-stop drinking. If God is Mammon we’d all understand. Quite frankly I don’t.
The problem we still have of course is that New Labour is like the water snake, the hydra, you cut off one of its heads and it grows dozens more, equally hypocritical, if not downright dangerous, in their self-righteousness.

Political afterlife

June 2007 Appointed Middle East envoy on behalf of the Quartet, which is made up of the EU, UN, US and Russia
November 2007 Hired by Washington Speakers Bureau Inc for worldwide speaking tour. Blair reportedly received £300,000 in the first week of his tour of North America but was panned by the Chinese media after allegedly being paid £237,000 for a speech in Guangdong that revealed “nothing new”
January 2008 Retained by JP Morgan Chase & Co as part-time adviser; unlikely to be given an office, but will be on call when needed
January 2008 Advisory role on climate change and international politics to the Swiss insurer Zurich. Believed to be paid more than £500,000 a year to be accountable to chief executive and participate in seminars for Zurich’s clients
January 2008 Appointed unpaid adviser to Rwandan government
February 2008 Linked with job of EU president, backed by the French president Nicolas Sarkozy. It is thought the German chancellor Angela Merkel is not so keen
(Nor me, John) (Source Guardian 8/3/2008) excepting the last comment in brackets)

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