What sauce!

Sauce is not the word for Heinz behaviour following their theft of the company from Aston putting many loyal staff out of work. Now they have moved on as if Birmingham never existed. I am afraid, however, that this is the logic of the so-called global village made to sound so appealing in the pretext of progress.
What it means is that the multinationals have the power to pick and choose where they locate and who they employ cutting costs to their benefit. Where do people come into this. Sure there will be those suffering poverty who will be pleased to get a job. Poverty, then, is a tool to ensure companies like Heinz are able to maximise profits. Their shareholders and directors should be shamed.

Consumers, of course, have got power and where it can be organised it will have an effect. Although one or two won’t buy that brand, it would be good to make Birmingham a Heinz-free city. If they can do without us, I’m sure we can do without them!

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