Tony Blair, our Saviour!

Not content with the long list of jobs and wide range of expertise already on offer, our Hero dons his Superman outfit to save the planet – and don’t we need it! He’s in charge of a brigade which is going to cut carbon emissions.
His government said it was going to do this, but if I remember rightly it didn’t quite turn out as it should have. Same with his appointment as peace envoy for the Middle East it was difficult to see how his CV fitted the job description when he had willfully overseen conflict resulting in untold death and misery. Indeed how did this fit in with his religious pretentions and resulting job as lecturer? Whatever it is you can sure it’s going to be lucrative for him. Volunteering’s not his game!

I suppose on the good side we can see where he is. On the other hand if we didn’t know what he was up to we wouldn’t be worrying so much.

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