“Thrashing around” on education

Estelle Morris has had something to say on the government’s attempts to reform education. “Thrashing around” is how she describes it. There is this new initiative and that new initiative imposed on the system without bothering to see if it effective or not.
The criticism comes hard on the heels of a report on primary education asking whether it would have been better if New Labour hadn’t made changes at all. Many were coming through their education without being literate. Changes have been made, and are continuing to be made against the advice and concerns of the teaching profession and outcomes are showing clearly that they have been right all along. Unfortunately Lord Adonis sits Buddha like dispensing his higher wisdom and understanding unperturbed by the mere mortals who say “no Andrew, come down from your pedestal into the real world”.

It was unbelievable when David Blunkett in one of his ministerial guises brought along Chris Woodhead straight from his role as adviser to Tory governments without turning a hair. These idiots have done untold damage to education, our children (the unhappiest and most stressed in the developed world) and are being allowed to continue so.
Privatisation has come to grief repeatedly. It did so with the railways. There people with long experience and deep knowledge of that system, including safety standards, were replaced by companies new to the game. They had to learn. Learning proved highly expensive when what would have in the past been avoidable disasters happened. So with schools. Academies are going private and their sponsors allowed to dictate curriculum, staff, who are governors and so on.
So is crime and anti-social behaviour unrelated? I shouldn’t have thought so. But enter David Blunkett et al again with their super arrogance to impose super prisons to stuff those who have suffered at their hands inside.

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