The case for banning nuclear weapons. An Iranian view

I hadn’t intentionally looked at the Jerusalem Post (5/3/2008) so I was taken by surprise by this leading article headed up by “the Iranian Threat”.
The story gives prominence to an Iranian politician asking the UN to investigate how a Zionist state was allowed to become a nuclear superpower. It then asks the question why nuclear wapons shouldn;t receive the same treatment as biological or chemical ones. Quite so!

The issue was raised in response to the UN imposition of sanctions on Iran over its own nuclear programme. It does serve to show the total inconsistency of world powers in holding nuclear weapons in the first place and allowing those nations it selects to to the same.

One thought on “The case for banning nuclear weapons. An Iranian view

  1. Nurullah

    It is amazing to me how we are loinokg the other way on Iran’s nuclear program. Why would this be?1. We just don’t believe anything really bad will happen. Hasn’t yet!2. It’s actually a soap-opera and we can turn it off. Lousy script.3. Obama is oblivious to Middle East provocations. Oh well.4. Obama is fully aware & a player in the Iran/Middle East plan.Each of these possibilities would likely result in the downfall of the West. We’re afraid to use scary words like military action and first strike but if we don’t shed this mentality we will pay with our way of life or our lives. The thought is so terrifying we shut it off turn on Frasier or Martha Stewart and lull ourselves into thinking it will all be okay. God help us, for we are not helping ourselves.


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