“Tax me more” says billionaire Buffett

The boring world’s rich list has surfaced again. Comments that caught my attention from the Guardian article today (6/3/2008) were first from Warren Buffett, now passing Bill Gates (now third) to become no 1, who said Bush should get more tax from him. So too in UK where Lakshmi Mittal (very appropriate name!) heads the list. Comment is made that the super rich love the UK’s attitude to them.
While this attitude is to be expected from an administration like Bush’s, it’s yet another illustration of the way New Labour has gone. Way out of sight of the Labour Party set up to represent the not so super-rich. Thatcherism has grown and bloomed under New Labour who dare not say “boo” to their wealthy friends.

Well it’s only a game. Warren and Bill play games against other regularly, and Buffett, he “lives frugally” with simple tastes, we are told. In other words he’s a tight-arse. On the other had even he has invited the US government to make him pay up. George and Gordon ought to take the hint.

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