Israel threatens a holocaust (shoah)

Israel became a state because of a holocaust. “The Holocaust” some say, (supported by Oxford Dictionary entries,) there is only one Holocaust. What happened to a large number of colonised Africans and others, for example, they won’t put in the same league. Now an Israeli minister is threatening “shoah” (which refers to disaster or holocaust in Hebrew against Palestinian people.) To prove a point some 50 people, including civilians, women and children, died from attacks from the Israeli forces. We are able to watch a genocide unfold in front of us with our leaders struck dumb. Bush is allocating millions to Israel for “defense”
Yesterday in Birmingham we met at Birmingham’s Council House to discuss the 5 years which has elapsed since the unprecedented march which happened in London and simultaneously in other cities around the world. We considered well publicised wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and “hidden wars” in Somalia and Pakistan. Every one of these has the hallmark of the US “war on terror” which although taking 9/11 as its justification predates this. Two of the speakers from the Lebanon and Somali had been branded “terrorists”. One protested that he “had never even killed a chicken” in his life. Ibraham Mousawi, who the Daily Mail attacked and opposition politicians called to prevent his entry into the UK, spoke of the double standards. He spoke as a Muslim who above all was a human being and called us all to promote human values. What a monstrous thing to do, to tell the truth about what is happening to Palestinians who resist the aggression of Israel and the US, aided and abetted – yes the shame of it!!! by New Labour.
It was considered that the demonstrations had led to the early departure of leaders such as Blair in the UK and Howard in Australia. If it brought a different order in Oz announcements such as the one to map Muslims in Britain, another highly provocative act defying belief, shows no lessons have been learned. At first Brown appeared to be moderating his language when he refused to repeat the slogan “war on terror”. Now, far from signaling a change to the totally insensitive approach which brands all British Muslims as potential, if not actual terrorists it repeats the glaring damage done under Blair. When such a proposal was made in the US there was uproar and the proposal was ditched. Evidently those in the UK now feel so threatened that they keep quiet. Is this what happened in Germany in the thirties when then no one even imagined what was about to take place.

On 15th March another demonstration is taking place in London. I have my ticket.

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