G.Ps The story is out

George Monbiot has been thinking just what I’ve been thinking. It’s just that he’s come at it from another angle. It’s about GPs and their opening times. Rememer I had a phone call asking me what would make me change my GP. But I DON’T WANT TO CHANGE MY GP.
According to George the government has embarked on a programme of change on the basis that many said they wanted a more convenient opening times like evenings and Saturday mornings. Except that the document cited never mentioned these supposed wishes at all. Monbiot likens it to the “dodgy dossier” which claimed the weapons of mass destruction were upon us.

We’re agreed that the government is privatising the health service. What looks like a genuine move to improve services is actually a smokescreen. Once again New Labour proves its post-Thatcherite credentials.

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