“They were defeated, not by the terrorists, but by the lack of basic equipment”

They were defeated, not by the terrorists, but by the lack of basic equipment” – that was the coroner’s verdict after the death of a British soldier in Afghanistan. Andrew Walker – who has some form on criticising governments, especially the Americans – spoke out at the end of the inquest into the death of Captain James Philippson, who was killed in a fire fight in which British forces were heavily out-gunned by the Taliban. The inquest was told that before the battle, soldiers had repeatedly complained about a lack of proper equipment. We will be speaking to a defence minister.
Thus spake Snowmail in advance of Channel 4 News on 15th February. They went ahead and spoke to a defence minister , who was, well er.. defenceless. “But we are putting more into supporting our troops”…”the supplies were there but someone forgot to give them to the troops.” You could cry.
Never mind that the troops should never ne in Afghanistan or Iraq in the first place, but when you place them there the least you can do is to ensure the maximum personal protection.
This week protesters visited Downing Street to remind Mr Brown that more was expected of him than he’s delivering. With Tony Blair out of the way it was thought that there was an end in site. Something appeared to begin to shift in Iraq, but it’s gone dead quiet now (well not for the poor, long suffering Iraqis). Afghanistan? It’s the Taliban. Condi came hotfoot to ensure there’s no stalling in the “war on terror”.

Someone got into trouble for meeting the Taliban reported this week. They certainly got the message wrong since they found that the people they spoke to were reasonable and rational. The bombing of Afghanistan with massive weapons is laying waste to the country and catching civilians who then need to ask the Taliban for protection. The resulting death and destruction is the best recruiting agent the Taliban could have. Sorry this is the wrong message and not something the Americans want to hear. As for Brown, thought he was trying to distance himself from Bush. Seems as if he’s his prisoner.

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